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Live Video Streaming Application

Services:  Technical Management,  Product Management


Client Challenges:
This client had built 2-3 versions of this application before JVR was brought on board. Each version was a reboot of the last. This version had been in development for the past 3 months. We were asked to take the next 6-9 months to get the product an internal Beta release. Currently, this latest release had a few outstanding major features that hadn't been ported from the previous version. For this project, the client already had an existing development team and needed us to lead their developers.


Solutions Provided:
In order to get this project to a Beta release in the given time frame, we had to not only port previously existing features, we also needed to begin planning for new feature sets in preparation for BETA.

  • Product Planning of expected feature sets
  • Requirements gathering
  • Wireframes for new feature sets and UI
  • Integrated Agile Workflow and Weekly Sprints
  • Started Continuous Delivery with team and DevOps for weekly releases


Systems, Tools & Technologies Used:

  • Agile & Weekly Sprints
  • API Development using Laravel
  • UI Development for iOS & Android Native as well as Web using Vue.js
  • Continuous Deployment & Delivery via GitHub, Jenkins, and AWS
  • Static Prototyping, Wireframes & UI Design


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